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Sherman & Phalen
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We need the following information in order to begin the pre-closing process for the above-referenced client and sale of the above property, please complete the information in its entirety.

Seller(s) Name: *

Seller Phone Number: *

Seller Email Address: *

Special Circumstances:  Please check whether any of these apply to the property or the seller

Have there been any name changes since sellers took title to property?( e.g. marriage, divorce) *

Is this property your principal residence? *

Is the Seller a resident of Georgia? *

Any outstanding tax appeals? *

Forwarding address of Seller: *

Social security numbers: *

Loans Secured by Property

Do you have any outstanding mortgage loans? *

If yes, please provide
- Name of Mortgage Company
- Acct. Number
- Phone Number

Do you have any outstanding liens (e.g, Tax Lien; Contractor lien;  HOA lien? *

Will the Seller or Sellers be attending closing? *

Homeowners/Condo Association Info

Please provide the HOA
- Contact Name
- Phone Number
- Email

***PLEASE NOTE:  If there are mandatory assessments, our office MUST obtain a  written letter prior to closing regarding the status of the account*****
Corporate Sellers
Please provide:
- a tax id number, if the seller is not an individual
- Officer name and title attending closing

***Please note our office needs to be provided with corporate documents before closing*******
Names & Amounts of any additional charges to Seller – including warranties, repairs, etc. (if applicable) How much? To Whom?

Thank you for your consideration, and look forward to working with you with this closing and hopefully again on future closings. 

Sherman & Phalen, LLC
1955 Lower Roswell Road, Ste. B
Marietta, GA. 30068

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